Business Terms
A deposit of 50% for your stay is required upon booking a Safari. The balance is due upon arrival.
Payment should be made in either cash or travelers cheques. Wire transfers can be pre-arranged.
Deposits are not refundable, but can be transferred to the next year for a 10% transfer fee.
Prices are quoted in US Dollars and will only change after written notification
The minimum duration of a Safari is 3 days.

All accommodation, meals, local wines, beer and soft drinks
Laundry services
Trackers, skinners and camp staff
Field preparations of skins and horns

Airline tickets, air charter or car rentals
National Park fees
Special food items, hard liquor or cigarettes
Preparations of skeletal material, disinfecting and administration of trophies
Taxidermist charges
Shipping tags for every animal
Crating and shipping of trophies
Gratuities to staff, professional hunter is at the discretion of client
Ground transport to and from OR Tambo International Airport.

Whilst every effort is made by the Outfitter, his Professional Hunter and staff to ensure his clients safety and comfort, no responsibility can be accepted for any illness, accident, injury or loss whatsoever, or any expenses arising from such illness, accident, injury or loss. The client certifies that he/she is in good health of body and mind and that he/she understands and accepts the risks and dangers involved in the sport of hunting wild and dangerous animals. Check into MEDJET ASSISTANCE call 8009633538. When hunting in malaria areas, clients will be notified. In this case it would be advisable to bring insect repellent and take the necessary prophylactics.

The temperature is moderated during the day to cold on winter nights. Dress is very informal. From our experience the following clothing is required on safari. 4 shirts, 3 pair long trousers, 2 pair short trousers, 2 pair lightweight hunting boots or sneakers, if preferred, socks, underwear, bush hat/cap, bush-jacket, camo fleece vest, sunglasses, sunscreen, flashlight with extra batteries and rainproof jacket (March to May).

March – May Green camouflage
June Green, brown and yellow
July to October Grey and brown (Mossy Oak Brand Camo)
Experience has proved that above colors were most effective to blend with the vivid seasonal vegetation. We have also found it preferable to wear fabrics made from natural fibers instead of synthetic ones.

We suggest that the client bring along a scoped rifle in caliber's such as .270, .30 or .7mm for the average smaller bushveld and plains game.
For bigger game like Eland and Giraffe, caliber's such as .338, .375 and .416 will suffice.
When hunting dangerous game such as buffalo and hippo, caliber's as .375 and bigger will do.
We also offer a variety of guns in most caliber's for hire if you don’t want to bring your own with.
For bird shooting, we suggest that you bring your own shotgun that you are familiar with. Shotgun ammo are available at $15 per box of 25.

We suggest that the client bring along a well-tuned bow of draw weight not less than 50lb. Arrows should weigh no less than 400gr. If large animals are going to be hunted such as Giraffe, the bow should not be less than 90 foot/lb. Well-constructed broad-heads are also essential for a successful hunt.
Range finders and binoculars will be beneficial for judging and spotting of trophy animals.

Non-hunting safaris can be arranged on concessions, private reserves and National Parks throughout South Africa. Packages to suit your requirements can be put together on request. A minimum of 210-mm lens is required for game photograph.