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The Break Away Safaris Company can tailor each of our clients hunts to suit their every unique needs. We are determined to make your safari hassle free, whether it's the accommodation, assistance with export and import of firearms, all the way through to having harvested trophies preserved the way our clients want it and shipped reliably to top off every epic adventure we present, and we proudly endeavor to make your next Safaris the most memorable Hunting Safaris of your hunting career thus far.

Generally the best time to hunt is between April and September when the nights are cool and midday is warm. The visibility of animals is greatest at this time due to the vegetation and grass being at lower levels. Although you can hunt all year round the temperatures surge into the high thirty’s (30°C+) from December to March. If you are planning to hunt with a bow it would be beneficial to book in earlier in the season before May. Whether bow hunting or using a rifle please check the moon phase chart before you book the dates because if it is a full moon animals tend to drink and feed during the light of the moon and daylight hours are then spent hiding in the thickets.

Any camouflage, khaki or green colored attire will work well in South Africa’s bush veld however most of the trees and shrubs throughout Africa have varying types of thorns on them therefore we wouldn’t recommend taking leafy style throw overs. Long sleeved shirts and pants are recommended for daytime hunting but if you prefer you can take shorts and short sleeved shirts, it is up to you. Also a comfortable, preferably worn in pair of hunting boots are essential for those long treks into the African wilderness.

There are many ways to get to South Africa but we would recommend a direct flight to Johannesburg as it is more likely that any baggage taken with you will arrive on the same flight. This is especially important if traveling with firearms. We will organize all transfers, usually by air-conditioned vehicle, from the airport to the hunting destination and vice versa.
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